Kuoma X QKLS Get Together

Kuoma and the Finnish national snowboard team, Team QKLS, entered into a new partnership in February 2021. Kuoma invited Team QKLS to their factory in Kuomiokoski, and the day will be remembered forever. Fabulous and skillful, the young snowboarders did tricks in the surroundings of the factory, including the factory roof. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!

The video contains a compilation of the memorable day.

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQoVnuTSj-w&feature=youtu.be

Performers: Mikko Rehnberg, Carola Niemelä, Emmi Parkkisenniemi, Kalle Järvilehto
Video: Samu Karvonen
Music: Leo Luxxxus
Still photo: Simo Vilhunen
Graphic design: Mikko Kempas
Photo on top: Mikko Rehnberg


Kuoma is the main partner of the Finnish Snowboard Association and the national team, Team QKLS

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