Kuoma and Finnish Snowboard Association launch cooperation

The shoe manufacturer Kuoma becomes the main partner of Team QKLS, the Finnish national snowboarding team.

Snowboarders have gained a significant new partner, as Finnish Snowboard Association and Kuomiokoski Oy have entered into a cooperation agreement. As part of the cooperation, a 365 campaign will be launched, reflecting not only the year-round cooperation between the parties but also the journey toward the Olympic Games. The Beijing Games will begin in exactly one year’s time, 365 days from today.

“We enjoy similar things, and we both also depend on them. Snow and nature: that’s what we both need. Snowboarding is very difficult without snow. When Finnish Snowboard Association first contacted us, we were thrilled about the prospect of working with them because we have so much in common. Even though things often get serious at the top, we both like to have fun outdoors and, much like snowboarders, we enjoy playful activities. We also want to encourage young people to exercise,” says Kuoma CEO Antti Puttonen.

Finnish Snowboarding Association was equally excited about the cooperation:

“We at Finnish Snowboarding Association and Kuoma both want to inspire people to engage in outdoor activities together. Kuoma footwear is produced sustainably and professionally in Finland, which is something we hold in high regard. And what could be nicer than wearing warm, comfortable, and good-looking shoes while snow surfing or after a hard day on the slopes? Bare ankles are so last season! We are now rocking proper winter boots and we could not be happier about the cooperation,” says Tiina Lindström, Executive Director at Finnish Snowboard Association.

Snowboarders need outdoor boots for various conditions, traveling, and for breaks on the slopes. The Kuoma collection already has shoes to cater to their every need, but more extensive cooperation is already being planned. Snowboarders from the Finnish national team and Kuoma designers are scheduled to start working on a collabo collection.

“Our snowboarders were immediately excited about the prospect of working with Kuoma and started posting incredible ideas on our WhatsApp group. We spend a lot of time outdoors also away from the slopes and travel a lot, so we really need good shoes for a variety of uses. We all remember from our childhood that Kuoma shoes were the best, so designing our own Kuoma collection is a dream come true”, Lindström says.

More pictures are available from the Finnish Snowboard Association link:

Additional information:
Antti Puttonen
CEO, Kuomiokoski Oy
+358 15 415 110

Tiina Lindström
Executive Director, Finnish Snowboard Association
+358 440 988 008

Kuomiokoski Oy is a shoe and children’s outwear manufacturer founded in 1928. Kuoma products combine Finnish expertise with comfort, quality, and practicality. The Kuoma factory is located in Southern Savonia. The company has approximately 100 employees in Finland. www.kuoma.fi